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Online Services


What are the services available in online through the website of the Center for Municipal Revenue Collection?
  • Download documents and laws related to CRIM
  • Tax debt consulting
  • Information about our Offices - contacts, map, photo, physical and mailing address.
  • Have access to different certificates – Statement of Account, Property Values Certificate, Certificate for All concepts or Personal Property tax return filing.
  • Submit service requests:
    • Tax exemption or waiver veteran
    • Change in Ownership
    • Correction of Postal Address
    • Real Property Valuation
    • Investigation
    • Segregation
    • Grouping
    • Reimbursement
    • Transfer
    • Personal Debt (Art. 3.30)
    • Payment Plans
    • Applying Payments by Evidence
    • Bankruptcy - service related to a bankruptcy case filed affecting account tax on real or personal property.
    • Retroactive exemption (Article 8C)
    • Regular benefits for the Elders Over 65 - Debt interest, surcharges and penalties according to the requirements.
    • Settlement of maps and / or configuration problems
  • Personal property tax form - complete and electronically file your return or personal property extension request and also make your payment.