Privacy Policy

The Centro de Recaudacion de Ingresos Municipales (CRIM / Municipal Revenue Collection Center) use this page on the Internet to provide guidance on various tax matters and assistance in the preparation of tax returns and other documents. We also present publications, forms, attachments and related links to CRIM.

CRIM’s webpage provides only public information that can be freely disseminated, printed or photocopied by users. When using information provided on our site, we appreciate that you include or report that it comes from CRIM.

It should be noted that the content (documents, laws, regulations, news, reports or other information) of our page may have been modified to facilitate their presentation in this medium (the Internet). If there is any discrepancy between the original and the content of the page, the original document shall prevail in the files of CRIM.

We authorize other pages on the Internet to include links ("hyperlinks" or "links") to CRIM’s page, but only to our homepage ( However, the presentation of CRIM’s webpage on the Internet as a "frame" in a way that leads the user to believe that the information on CRIM’s page is part of that external page is prohibited.

It’s not endorsed or recommend any products or services outside the CRIM of which there is a reference made via a link ("hyperlink").

CRIM takes the necessary measures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information and resources that are under its control. It also makes sure to prevent the spread of malicious or harmful codes or viruses through its pages and files.

Right to Privacy

The CRIM not collect personal information from users. However, CRIM reserves the right to collect any information when suspected of illegal conduct in the use of information of CRIM’s webpage on the Internet. To preserve the availability of the services we provide, CRIM will monitor the use of the interconnection network, specifically in situations where any user try to modify the content of the pages or try to damage property used for these purposes.

In addition, CRIM may collect information relevant to the "visits" to our pages for statistical purposes as to:

·        the Internet domain and IP number of your connection or access;

·        the type of browser and operating system used to view pages;

·        the date and time of the visit;

·        CRIM pages that were visited; and

·        the external page that originated the visit.

It may be disclose the information in a message or e-mail received by CRIM when information is:

·        required by any state or federal agency, by the Legislature of Puerto Rico or the United States Congress or any state or federal court as required pursuant to its lawful authority; or

·        considered as public domain according to Act No.. 5 of 8 December 1955, as amended.

Where the information relates to a confidence or complaint, it shall be deemed and shall remain confidential.

Our site also offers the opportunity to ask questions, request more information, or provide feedback. Use of this option is voluntary and may require your email address. We will only use the information provided through email for those purposes for which contacted us. The information you provide will not be hereby encoded ("encrypted"), so it could be intercepted during transmission by people outside the Department.

When our page contain links to external sites to CRIM, either to other government, commercial or private entities and the user or "visitor" select one of these, you will be subject to the rules and conditions of the external page.


Any unauthorized access, attempt, direct or indirect action to modify, delete, alter, penetrate, replace or delete files, configuration, pages, graphics or content of CRIM’s computer services is prohibited. CRIM will implement the necessary security mechanisms and monitoring to identify any person who commits such conduct.

In addition, all appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the arrest and conviction of the person who attempts or performed any acts that affect the security or integrity of these services.

The use of the pages and CRIM’s computer services will be subject to the provisions of state and federal laws.