Public Documents Request


How to request a copy of a public document?

Regulation No. 6425 of April 5, 2002 granted the issuance of public documents that are in the custody of the CRIM.

To request a copy of a public document, the applicant is required to go to the CRIM’s Regional Centre that apply, for documents that are preserved in the archives of tax records, or the Municipal offices that have work agreements with CRIM and have electronic information systems to obtain debt and property values certificates.

Some copies of public records are subject to recovery for reproduction, to which shall be attached a stamp or stamps bearing the logo of CRIM, duly canceled, according to established fares for each document obtained. The exemption from payment of stamp is available to those taxpayers who can submit a letter showing that they are veterans, the requested certificate is for settlement arrangements when they separate from their work in the Public Service, to perform procedures in government agencies or as a requirement for housing efforts public.

To request a public record or document from CRIM an application form must be completed (Form AD-25).